Visitors Management System

🏢 Every day, companies receive a lot of visitors in their workplace.

🚑 Problem/Challenge

Numerous measures are implemented to keep those places safe, but the processes lack fluidity and reliability. These measures are cumbersome and waste a lot of time for both visitors and employees who receive them.

Security Vulnerabilities
There is a significant human factor in today’s processes. Some employees can take liberties with the existing protocol, leading to vulnerabilities. Even if they do this in good faith, humans tend to take shortcuts on the protocol because they trust their visitors.

Cumbersome Processes
The main reason pushing people to take those shortcuts is because they seem to find that those processes are cumbersome when not somehow ridiculous. When they already know their visitors, they don’t want them to check in the reception desk filling a long visitor form for the tenth time…

Time Waisting
It takes a lot of time to check-in when you visit a big company. Visitors are mainly contractors. Some come an hour earlier to get on time. During this hour, the employee waiting for these visitors can be disturbed because maybe the reception desk needs information to confirm the visit…

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